The Message Of Valentine’s Day

The Message Of Valentine’s Day – Round the globe on Valentine’s Day, people of every ages share cards, gifts and also blossoms, sharing their caring, their love as well as their relationship. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and also hundreds of intense, crimson roses are exchanged at romantic dinners in between beloveds. Even five-year traditional children create as well as gift Valentine’s Day Cards to one another. All these gestures literally reveal our taking care of each other.

But, is there more? Exactly what is the energetic message shared by these motions?

From a multi-dimensional or energised point of view these actions appear to show our activity as a types along the evolutionary path in the direction of unity. In the physical world, we are separate individual beings, walking, one at a time, on our very own one-of-a-kind courses. In the energetic world into which we are progressing, we shed our private individualities as well as merge right into one consciousness; we enter into the entire.

To me, it appears that Valentine’s Day is our effort in physicality to reveal our desire for this future state. As we are not yet totally blended or merged, we express our soul’s deep yearning for this state through the gifting of cards and flowers It is a bad alternative, when seen this way, but to us, physical beings, in the physical world, it is the very best we can do.

May the moment not be remote, when our hearts are absolutely open and also we recognize ‘the others’ as ourselves, when all people, of all shapes, dimensions, creeds as well as cultures, all over, are considereded as our beloveds … Happy Valentine’s Day.

Elaine Seiler is a Writer, Facilitator, and Train, specializing in the area of Energetics. She is an avenue for other dimensional power, thereby catalysing the improvement as well as advancement of whatever in her area, and the awakening the natural presents of multi-dimensionality in her affiliates and also customers.

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