The price of Samsung Galaxy S8 in different countries of the world


Since this week, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is now available for purchase in most countries around the world. In fact, today we have witnessed the launch of the terminal in the Spanish market.

And, as we already know, it is an expensive, very expensive smartphone. Both the normal Galaxy S8 and the larger model with the nickname “Plus”, have a price dangerously close to 1,000 euros in the European market. Today, to put into perspective this bulky figure, we wanted to compare the price of the terminals in different countries of the world. Of course, we already anticipate that in any of them, buying the terminal will be a “bargain”.

The Galaxy S8 is the smallest terminal of this new line. In addition to this detail, and the lower battery capacity, it could be said that it is a terminal exactly like the “Plus” model. However, the price difference between the two is considerable. Then you can see the price of the terminal in different countries of the world.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 + in different countries

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S8 + increases screen size up to 6.2 inches from the normal model’s 5.8, while its battery grows at 500 mAh, to reach 3,500. This change is a noticeable price increase, which you can see in more detail in the table below.

Obviously, the figures provided may vary depending on the dealer in which we decide to purchase the terminal. Be that as it may, these data serve to reaffirm our conclusion that, in effect, the price of Samsung’s new high range are quite high.

And you, are you thinking of buying the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 +?

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