Tips Baking Oven Pastry With Tangkring

In the world’s per-baking, has always known how to cook with baked goods. The process of cooking food by grilling is of course one of them can be done with the help of the oven.

Oven itself has many types, including: electric oven, gas oven, conventional oven or oven and stove or more so-called tangkring oven. Known tangkring oven because the oven is separate and requires assistance to use the stove. And also the position of the oven as if perched on top of the stove.

Many people choose to use as a tool tangkring oven roasting. Many opinions that say that the oven is easy to come first because the price is affordable, and also does not require electricity. However, many also feel the difficulties in the use of this tangkring oven, especially for those who are still learning baking. Many opinions that say that the use of an oven to bake this tangring tricky . Bother easy, we need to know the ins and outs of tangkring oven before using it, and also a lot of practice to be proficient.


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Well, after yesterday we shared the recipe pastry for Eid , this time we will share tips to bake cookies with oven tangkring. Sila listened, some of the tips that we have adapted from various sources is yes.

  1. Put the oven on the stove right in the middle so that it heats evenly. It also avoids the results cakes sloping or uneven.
  2. Tangkring oven weakness is the absence of precise temperature control to show how the actual temperature of the oven when heated, it can be tricked, by adding the oven thermometer to be placed in the oven so that we can determine the temperature of the oven.
    If you do not have an oven thermometer, we could use a hand as temperature detection (of course also with the science of feeling). Benchmark, where strong hands are in the oven until the count to 15 seconds, the conclusion oven temperature below about 180 ° C. If only strong until the count to 10 seconds, the temperature of approximately 200 ° C or more.
  3. Avoid pemakakaian rack over an oven or overlapping if we are small, less than the maximum because of the heat so evenly. If the oven is small, often drive around the position of the pan during baking cookies to prevent burning at the edges and cooked through.
  4. To cope with uneven heat oven temperature can do a few tricks of the following:
    (1) place the baking pan filled with sand or water in the bottom of the oven, it is useful to absorb heat and flatten the temperature is too high from the oven.
    (2) keep the oven on the stove. This can be done with prop the bottom of the oven so that no direct contact with the fire. The lower part can be tackled using an iron or stacked stone. Do not forget to make sure the oven is stable after being fouled.
  5. Right in the use of shelves in the oven. Usually the bottom shelf is not used because of the heat and could cause burnt cake. Use the middle or upper shelf, and do not forget to rotate the pan so diligently cooked evenly.

* note: for oven models tangkring round weather, which is a model with holes at the top, there are instructions for use, namely:
the position of the open hole: to bake pastries
hole position is closed: for baking cake / cake (so the dough floating well)

Anyway, tips for using new tangkring oven. Typically, new stuff definitely has a special treatment before it is ready for use. This also applies to the oven tangkring. Before baking wear new oven, the oven should be heated first until odorless sangit / burnt again. Do not worry if it starts to emerge smoke and smell burnt, it’s like that when new. Quite off the fire for a moment, then dinyalain again. 3-4 times lah, can only missing the smell of the burnt. If the smell of charred gone by the time that the oven has been able to be used.

A few tips can we share tips about baking cookies with oven tangkring. Hopefully these tips helpful and good cake dryness successfully yak! Greetings baking!

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