Tips to Eliminate Dual Doubles

Most people who are slightly bulky and round-faced have fat under the chin or are also often referred to as double chin. This double chin makes the chin look so many times and the neck is invisible.

Someone who has a folded chin in the neck often wears a scarf or tilts his head when photographed to hide it. No doubt, extra layers of fat tissue under the chin often appear because of overweight. The sagging skin under the chin can also occur due to age, and the skin loses elasticity, or because it is genetic.

Although the crease of the chin can be removed through the surgical process, there is a cheap treatment that can be done at home.

Do you also have this double chin problem, ladies? Indeed sometimes this condition makes a person, especially women, so lack confidence. But do not worry, because there are several ways to eliminate double chin that you can try at home.

Adequate diet

Maintaining a diet rich in antioxidants, beta carotene and vitamins A, C, and E, is essential to maintaining your skin’s health, preventing sagging and fighting free radicals. It is important that you start your breakfast with a healthy juice. The most widely indicated are beet and beet juice, carrot and orange juice, mango juice and strawberries … They are very healthy to keep us hydrated and with the right vitamins and minerals to keep our skin young. .

Avocado mask and wine

A fastening mask is rich in antioxidants that prevent aging. The combination of avocado and grape juice is an excellent ally for our skin, it refreshes us, it hydrates us, supplies us with minerals … To benefit from its properties, you only need to get a half-pulp avocado and include five grapes. You can pass it through the mixer or mix everything well with a fork, the goal is to get a thick enough paste to apply in the neck.
To do this, lie down on the couch and keep the mixture for about twenty minutes. If we do it every day little by little we will see more assertiveness.

Beat the oatmeal cream

Oatmeal is a very old remedy to repair our skin, and to provide the essential fatty acids we need in this sensitive neck area, where the first symptoms of redness appear. To make it, take half a cup of oats, half a glass of warm milk and a teaspoon of rosehip oil. Mix well until you get a homogeneous paste, apply on the neck. If it’s hard for you, it’s best to lie down with a towel on your chest so as not to stain yourself. Try to keep it 15 or 20 minutes, then clean it with clean water.

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