Tips to Overcome Odor on Toilet using Natural Materials

You often smell a bad smell on the toilet? Flushing soapy water into the closet does not seem to be a good inspiration because it could be one of the causes of the death of the decomposing bacteria in the toilet.

tips to remove odor in the toilet

Below is part of the Natural Guide to Handle the Odor on the Toilet, hopefully it can be practiced!

Actually the cause of unpleasant odors there are various types, one of which can come from the existing ammonia substances due to the death of bacteria decomposers in the bathroom room.

Bad smell in the toilet can also be caused by the lack of quality sanitary equipment used. Toilet with a material that has a large pore can keep the rest of urine that is not watered properly, and it has also will cause a bad smell also in our bathroom.

Here are some natural guidelines to deal with the smell in the bathroom:

  1. Wearing coffee or coffee grounds tubruk

The step is very easy, brewed black coffee like if we want to drink it, let stand some time until it is not so hot, then flush into the toilet to get rid of the bad smell. Beyond that, can also use the pulp of coffee tubruk. Provide a cup of hot water, input the coffee grounds and a little salt, then stir. Combine the water water into the wc hole and its surroundings.

  1. Vinegar as well as baking soda

Sprinkle more than one bowl of baking soda into the closet area and seat when the toilet seat shapes, then sprinkle a little vinegar and cover it. Let along the whole one hour, then flush and clean all the toilet corner.

  1. Place the plant inside the bathroom

If our bathroom is big enough, we can put green plants in it. Plants can help provide fresh air in the bathroom.

  1. Use charcoal

Place some of the charcoal that remains new in some corner of the toilet. In a few days the smell of toilets will also disappear.

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