To bleach and cleanses the skin of face and neck

To bleach and cleanses the skin of face and neck

A famous medical professionals provide the following as a skin Whitener and cleaner: half pint of skim milk; cut the cucumber as much of it as it will cover, and let stand one hour; After that bathing the face, neck, and hands as well. Wash them gently with clean water when cucumber essence is completely dry. If the rough skin from exposure to wind, the application of Buttermilk at night, washed off properly carbolic SOAP in the morning, will surely make the skin smooth and also all-natural.

To completely eliminate the black flecks or “meat-worms.”.

Sometimes a little black spots appeared on the base of the nose, or temple, or Chin in his fists, called worm meat, as well as caused by digumpalkan the SAP that blocks skin pores. They may be ejected by pressing the skin, and those fools think they have to be small worm. They are permanently eliminated by washing with hot water, as well as extreme rubbing with a towel and then apply a little bit of work the following: preparation of liquor potassa, one ounce; Cologne, two ounces; four ounces of brandy, white.

French Laundry and detoxifies the face lightens the skin.

Take equal parts of seed melon, gourd, pumpkin, cucumber, and also pounded until they are minimized a powder; It includes fresh enough for a thin lotion down flour, and add milk enough to reduce the whole to a thick paste. Includes a grain of musk also dropped a little lemon oil. Bless confront with this, leave it in twenty or half an hour or over night if a hassle-free, and also wash with water. This gives the pureness and also the illumination for the skin. Or, try this; Splendid.-instilling a handful of wheat flour good for four hours in white wine vinegar; It includes the five egg yolks and also 2 grain of musk, and boil down the rest. Bottle it, maintain it thoroughly bound shut for fifteen days, when it would have been suitable for use. Valid during the night, and also wash in the morning with warm water.

To get rid of acne.

There are many types of acne, some of whom took part of the practical nature of the abscess, which requires clinical therapy; But the little red pimples, the most usual, will probably get rid of it by using comply with twice a day: water of sulfur, one ounce; acetated liquid ammonia, one-quarter of an ounce; potassa, one grain alcohol; gewurztraminer vinegar, 2 ounces; distilled water, 2 ounces. Acne is often cured by rinsing with warm water and rubbing with a towel long term. The reasons for Acne this is obstruction of the skin and blood circulation.

To get rid of Tan-Creme de l ‘ Enclos.

The new milk, half a pint; lemon juice, one-quarter of an ounce; White brandy, an ounce of fifty percent. Steam whole and skim clear of all residues. Use the night and early morning.

Aesthetic bath.

Take two pounds of barley flour or beans, eight pounds of extra bran, as well as several handful leaves of Borage. The active ingredients are boiled in a sufficient amount of mineral water. This is good clean and soften skin in a premium way.

Kalydor to the skin.

Acne, freckles-tanned skin or dandruff on the skin. Take the bitter almond emulsion, one pint; oxymuriate quicksilver, 2 and also one half pint; Sal Ammoniak, a dram. To use simply use a sponge, after washing the face and also the hands with SOAP and warm water is pure.

Improve skin.

Take two ounces of Venetian and SOAP also dissolve in two ounces of lemon juice. Add one ounce of bitter almond oil and quantity like oil tartar. Combine whole and also mix it well until it is actually already the consistency of SOAP, and use it because it’s to hand. Almond paste, which includes a suitable oil to keep the skin soft and flexible as well as eliminate indurations, can be applied to the hands and arms as well.

Clean a la Marie Antoinette.

Offering amazing brilliancy to the skin. Take six lemons and also cut them in small pieces, a small group of white lilies and leaves southernwood, and also embed them in two quarts of milk cows, with one ounce and also the fifty percent of white sugar as well as oz alum rock . This was distilled in palneum mariae. Face at bedtime is rubbed with this liquid, and will provide a wonderful sheen to the skin. This is a secure application, and also a certain effect.

Liquid Rouge.

For women who want to make use of a little synthetic bloom here recommended. Liquid Rouge to create the best natural colour imitation prepared as complying with: contribute a glass of French brandy, half an ounce of benzoin, an ounce of red sandalwood, half an ounce of Brazil wood and also the same quantity of alum rock.

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