Tomato Fruit Benefits To Face

Tomatoes Can Overcome Blackheads, Face Dry, Dull, And Dry
One of the benefits that you get from tomatoes is to be able to help you to overcome the problem of stubborn blackheads on the face and beneficial to reduce the production of excess oil on the face you. And equally important, tomatoes can also help you overcome the problem of dry skin dull.

Tomatoes for facial treatments can secrete a very best when you combine the avocado. As for how to use the fruit Tomah to virgin natural face is as follows:
Take one avocado and a tomato
Then puree in a blender
After a smooth avocado and tomatoes into juice, apply to your face area for its natural mask.
Let stand in advance do you wash your face approximately 15-30 menitan.
After 30 menitan stick mask, wash your face using clean water and dry mengunkan soft towel.
As Sunscreen Face Masks
As sunscreen ?? Hmmmmm, could not yahh ?? Well if you are one of those who frequent outdoor activities, it could not hurt to try this natural way, so that your skin can naturally protected from the sun.

Aside from being a natural sunscreen, tomatoes can also help you to overcome the problem of inflammation that ditimbukanl because the burning heat of the sun.

The way is to soften the tomatoes, then mix with a little yogurt, after that you can rub evenly to the face area. Let stand 20-30 minutes to natural mask.
Eliminate acne.
Why tomatoes we can make natural ingredients to address the problem of acne on your face, because tomatoes contain some vitamin C, A and K, vitamin is what can help us to overcome the problem of acne. As for how to apply you can read the complete article how to get rid of acne by using tomatberikut fruit.
Troubleshooting Pores
As for how to apply are as follows:
Prepare the fresh tomato juice are still about one tablespoon
Then add the lime juice is still fresh about 2-4 drops.
Take a cotton swab and then shape into a round.
Dip cotton to tomato juice mixed with lime juice and oleskanlah to the area of ??your face and give a warm touch briefly massaging play.
Let stand about 15 minutes and rinse with clean water, if there is cold water.
To get the most done in this way at least 2 days until the smaller pores.

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