Typhoon and how to overcome it


Typhoon is a whirl winds with wind speeds of 120 km / h or more are common in
tropical regions between the Tropic of Cancer and south, except in areas very close to the

Hurricanes are caused by pressure differences in a weather system. The most strong winds that occur in the tropics is generally swirled with a radius of hundreds of kilometers in the vicinity of the low pressure system to the extreme speed of about 20 Km / h. In Indonesia known as storm winds. Facts of what causes earthquakes

Hasil gambar untuk Bagaimana Agar Selamat Dari Angin Topan?

Symptoms and Early Warning

Wind tropical cyclone can occur suddenly, but most of these storms are formed through a process
for a few hours or days can be monitored via weather satellites. Monitoring by satellite able to
know the direction of hurricanes so enough time to provide early warning. Despite this change in
weather systems are very complex so difficult to make predictions quickly and accurately.

Mitigation Strategy and Disaster Reduction Efforts

1. Creating a structure that technically qualified to withstand the force of the wind.
2. The need for the application of the standard rules that take into account building wind loads, especially in areas prone to
3. Placement of the construction site of important facilities in areas protected against hurricanes.
4. Greening at the top of the wind direction to dampen the force of the wind.
5. Making public building that is wide enough to be used as temporary shelters for
people and goods during the attack hurricanes.
6. Security / retrofitting of parts easily by the wind that could endanger themselves or
others around them.
7. preparedness in the face of hurricanes, know how to escape.
8. Safety items around the house that are bound / built strong that the wind
9. For the fishermen, so that a strong tether or bind his ships.

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