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Marlene pants: A classic with trend potential
Women wear pants? That didn’t exist in the 1930s. They wore skirt or dress basta!Then came a young blonde from Berlin-Schöneberg named Marie Magdalene Dietrich. And everything changed. The Dietrich was an internationally celebrated film star,her androgynous look with trench coat and wide trousers was suddenly famous. Shegave their name Marlene pants. Since then belongs to the pants, which sits high in the waist and is very much cut from the thigh to the standard wardrobe of any style-conscious business woman. But even fashion insiders have discovered the sexy elegance of the XXL garment, sometimes called the Palazzo pants, for themselves. And all of that thanks to Marlene Dietrich!


Is who Marlene pants?
As well as every woman! The wide trousers is super for those who have a round buttand strong legs, because the high waist and wide trouser legs let the thighs appearnarrow. But even slim women can take the Marlene pants or Palazzo pants. Who is rather small and has short legs, cheating himself with highheeled bigger they disappear under the wide, floor-length trouser legs which stretches the silhouette.


So you styling today the Palazzo pants


Who has clicked through the street style looks of the current fashion weeks, notes quickly: Marlene pants are even 2016 hard said. The wide pants are no longer reserved for business women of the 80s long ago and don’t necessarily need federal wrinkles or creases. Today they come in a wide variety of variants: trendy from velvet or wild, patterned in bright yellow, from denim or stretch, as floor-length pants or in trendy culotte length. Together, they have all the extra wide leg and the high seat in thewaist.


While previously the iron rule was that high shoes must be worn wide pants, today there are limits styling. Who combined the Marlene pants with heels, can enjoy endless legs. With flat shoes or sneakers, pants is very casual.


As far as the upper parts, applies the rule of thumb: below, above narrow. Who‘s shirt, sweater or blouse in the waistband, emphasizes the waist. Brave put on a wide layered look from head to toe and combine with Marlene trousers even a long suit jacket. Form then provide a slightly waisted cut or a belt at the waist.


What is commonly known as “Culottes”, celebrated his revival already by 2015 thanculotte. The trend is inseparable from the closet hate him, others love the pants similar to a rock. You can do definitely wrong a lot with this special silhouette. The culotte comes but super stylish properly combined and adapted to your figure type. Thenext is the cut, the bodice or jacket to the look should be the narrower. It‘s especially comes to accentuate your waist. Attacks also in the Cullote to shoes with heel or plateau, to stretch the lookjual sepatu converse navy Narrowcut models can be combined without problems to sandals or sneakers.


High waist pants
The high-waist pants are a must-have in our collection of pants even 2016. The models are available in very closely, far up in numerous washings and with varying degrees of ausgesprägtem shock. Generally, pants can be worn with high waist of each figure type. Small women can a longer hose length and choose a leg with shock and hide as platform shoes underneath the fabric. Large and slim women can increase female curves by the beautiful silhouette of the garment. The high waist concealed the tummy incidentally also great, and by slightly tapping the legs look slimmer.


The one piece
Jumpsuits are an easy choice, if you stand in the morning time on the tube and so tired on it have combining upper and lower. Decisive in the choice of overalls, the cutand placement of the seams is definitely. Looking at trying: where‘s the waist orhip? A deep-seated Hüftpartie is particularly suited to women, who would like to hide a tummy or have long legs. Emphasizes the jumpsuit legs longer work the waistand women with curves come fully at their own expense.


Pants with patches
This summer, trousers with fun and playful patches are the absolute pants trend. The great thing about this trend is that exist for any form of trousers. And if you find not the a correct patch shape for you, can you lend a hand yourself and you buy the fun iron-on patches in the creative market, ornate that favourite trousers and you‘re done.

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