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Crocus speciosus Fall crocus

This plant flowers in the autumn. Shades differ according to types, fade blue to dark violet with darker stripes or white with orange stripes. It has an orange preconception. This plant likes a warm location on well-drained soil. Plant in the summer season. An under-demanding garden friend.

Crocus Chrysanthus “Cream Beauty” Snow crocus

C. chrysanthus flowers really early certainly. The variety “Cream Appeal” delights us with its restrained cream-colored blossoms with their golden-yellow ins. Its pretty look would not lead you to believe that it is a very robust, moderate, and also withstanding rep of the types. It spreads slowly but regularly in warm areas with well-drained, reasonably productive soils and if permitted will develop extravagantly flowering clumps. Plant the little bulbs in the fall. Crocuses look their best in dense clumps and also, if the colors are skillfully blended, can come to be a real destination. “Lotion Appeal,” for instance, would certainly look well in a pillow of purple flowers. It is perfect for rockeries, light shrubbery borders, or in the lawn. Leave the vegetation up until it yellows. Take care when cutting the yard. No more care is required.

Crocus tommasinianus “Ruby Giant” Timberland crocus
A solid color, a fragile form: this spring-flowering crocus, dark purple in shade, is excellently fit to naturalizing as well as soon develops stunning carpetings of intense shade. Crocus tommasinianus not just is extremely immune to wind and rain, yet additionally has a lengthy flowering period. Absolutely easy to look after. Pointer: makes an optimal source of food for .

Cyclamen hederifolium Hardy cyclamen, ivy-leafed cyclamen, sowbread

C. hederifolium is specifically hardy. The various varieties of cyclamen are distinguished not so much by the blossom as by the form of their fallen leaves. This one, for example, has ivy-like leaves, green throughout the winter, with conspicuous silvery-green markings. The blossoms appear either before or together with the young leaves. This fall-flowering cyclamen is forgiving of semi-shady however also sunny areas as well as is taken into consideration frost-hardy. Nonetheless, in regions with a severe environment, prepare a wintertime mulch. Suggestion: pre-grown potted plants are simpler to grow ready than the corms.

Cyclamen coum Persian violet

Hearing the name “cyclamen,” you might be advised of Grandmother’s potted plants. Nevertheless, if so, you would certainly be doing the fragile C. coum an oppression. It is a really tough as well as durable yard plant, as well as can flower dependably year after year in semi-shady, wind-sheltered websites on humus, well-drained dirts. This little spring blossom with its distinct, lengthy- stemmed flowers in white, pink, or crimson and its kidney-shaped fallen leaves does, nonetheless, want to be left uninterrupted and in peace. It is very easy to look after. Sprinkle humus over it every two years in spring or loss. Compost in the winter months with branches as well as want needles. Plant the corms horizontally in the late summertime or fall. Circulate by seeds.

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