Vacation To The Beach With Sewa Bus Pariwisata

Come, join Hip were explore the beaches in Banten and West Java Kenya make you addicted to the streets!

The roads to the beach were exciting, especially if it goes fit already started to drought like this. Roughly, the beach where ya are fun for accessible? Previously, Hip were already reviewed the sexiest beaches in East Java and Central Java. Apparently, Banten and West Java also has beaches not less exotic, you know!


Come to Pananjung beach in Pangandaran district. Although crowded people, beauty makes you not want to go home

Who does not know the exotic beaches in the Pangandaran area? The beaches here are very charming indeed, natural that this area crowded with tourists. Well, one of the charming beach at Pangandaran beach Pananjung is located in the village Pananjung, District Pangandaran, Pangandaran District.

Pananjung beaches are in the area Pananjung Pangandaran Nature Park. Sloping beaches and white sandy beaches to be one of interest to visit. Moreover, the waves were also quiet so fun for swimming. Additionally, you can also find forest-dwelling animals such as monkeys, deer, and porcupine.

In Pantai Batu Hiu, enjoy a panoramic view of the cliffs with the pounding of the waves enchanting

The beach is not far from the Pangandaran is indeed not able to enjoy the sand, because the beach is composed of coral cliff-tuning. This beach called Pantai Batu Hiu because there are rocks resemble shark fins. Climb to the top of the cliff, you can enjoy a charming panorama of the beach complete with a soothing sound waves.

Pantai Batu Hiu is located in the Village Ciliang, District Parigi, Pangandaran. Beach Pan Jung, you simply drive about 14 km with Sewa Bus Pariwisata to reach this beach

Enjoy the fun of surfing and play banana boat on the beach of Batu Karas, Pangandaran

For you who like nautical tourism, especially windsurfing, must come to Batu Karas. The coastal scenery is a charming blend between beach Pananjung and Pantai Batu Hiu. You can have fun riding a surfboard can be hired on the spot. The waves also quite friendly Kok create new ones learn to surf.

Although not surf, you can still enjoy the beautiful panorama of the black sandy beach with a walk or boat ride. There is also a banana boat for fun-call with your friends. The beach is located in the village of Batu Karas Batukaras, District Cijulang, District Pangandaran.

When you come to Garut, set foot on Turkish Santolo should you do

Yes, do not admit already to Garut if you have not set foot in Santolo Beach. This beach is one of the most popular beaches in Garut. Indeed, who could possibly refuse el okiya beautiful white sandy beaches of this? Moreover, when irradiated light golden twilight.

For a captivating peek Santolo beach, drive to the area Pamengpeuk, District Cikelet, Garut. If you intend to stay, the beach is also already equipped with various facilities for tourism, such as restaurants and lodging. But, do not be surprised if suddenly there were rockets being launched, as Turkish Santolo also the location of the headquarters.

Meli PIR bit of Turkish Santolo, you will find Sayang Beach Heulang who do not lose key

Santolo neighboring coast, there are beaches also make Garut should be proud. Live crossed a little, you can find a beach Unfortunately Judah Heulang, beach key are not less attractive than beaches, Santolo. This beach has two types, namely sand beaches and coral beaches. The waves were big and relatively stable also the main attraction. This beach is located in the village of Mancagahar, Pameungpeuk District, Garut.

Rancabuaya photogenic beach you shall also be flown in order shores in Garut travel pass.

Still in Garut, point your vehicle approximately 20 km to the east from the coast Healing Unfortunately, precisely in the Village District of caringin Purbayani. You will find Rancabuaya beach which has a panoramic view of corals good. Because of the large rocks and choppy, you are advised not to swim here. But you can still enjoy the atmosphere of unspoiled beaches and photogenic. Moreover, the beach is still relatively quiet, so you can be satisfied de photos!

Move to Sukabumi, there is a beach where you can just drop Pangumbahan-hatchlings hatchlings into the open sea

Pangumbahan beach is located in District Ciracap, Sukabumi, it’s interesting to stop off for two reasons. The first, indeed very charming beaches with white sand along the eye can see. Another reason, here you can take-hatchlings hatchlings striving towards the open sea to come back here someday. Yes, the beach is indeed a turtle breeding area. See these little creatures struggling, it’s the spirit we as humans are also burned with our services Sewa Bus Pariwisata.

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