Want to Increase Your Online Store Turnover? This trick …

Who does not like turnover rose? All entrepreneurs or businessmen always want to increase sales revenue. Similarly, the online store business owners like you. Usaha paling menguntungkan

But most people think that the only way to increase turnover is to increase the advertising budget or raise / promotion, has not it?

Indeed it is true also, as ‘normally’ (not always) every time you raise the budget advertisement / promotion then your turnover is going up, but there are smarter ways that do not need to spend money, want to know?


First Secrets to Increase Your Turnover

I had read and studied a book of Jay Abraham many years ago (he is a world-class marketing guru).

Jay said that the simplest strategy to double your turnover is to increase the turnover of customers you have .

At that time, I like to get an insight, so be aware and remember the important lessons that:

Your focus as an entrepreneur / businessman not only adds to the customer, but figuring out how to increase turnover or number of purchases of each customer in your business.

So simply put, if you know the average every customer you are spending Rp 200,000 per month in your store, then you need to think about how to keep the average going up so shopping Rp 250,000 per month (up 25%).

Simple Ways to Increase Turnover of Each Customer

A simple way is what we and many alumni of the training we do so of our turnover, initially only millions per month, so tens of millions per month until the end so hundreds of millions per month and even more. What was the secret?

The secret is to Increase Number of Products Sale

Only by increasing the number of products that you sell, you sell such original 3 kinds of products, so you add a product that you are selling into 10 kinds of products, automatically your turnover will rise as well.

Turnover question is Why You Can Ride?

The first , a long time to know your customers sell new products, automatically in part will be keen to buy it (the origin of a new product that you are selling is relevant to their initial product purchase).

Customer old already has a trust or confidence with you (as long as you treat them well in advance). For them easier to shop again with you than with other people who they have never previously transaction.

We own the right sometimes also a little concerned when the transaction with the new people we do not know, do not you? Well the same. Customer, you like it. When they have a good shopping experience with you, it will be very easy for them to buy other items you are selling.

That’s why I always remind the alumni workshop online store us that Customer You is Your Greatest Asset . Treat it well then you are going to grow big.

The second one , you increase your turnover from new customers who are looking for new products that you sell. If you’ve just had a customer from selling three kinds of products, by selling more products, such as 10 kinds of products, you’ll automatically get a new customer-customer who has not ever get.

A simple concept, but many do not understand, let alone practiced by many businesses, especially online businesses. So far you learn anything?

How to Implement This Strategy at Your Online Store?

So you already know that adding a product will increase your turnover, well now how detailed to carry out this strategy in your online store business?

I will explain three things you need to do or have to be able to implement this strategy.

The first: You need to have an online store system that allows you to add a product that you are selling quickly.

If you can have an online store system where you can add a new product in less than 1 hour, it will greatly help you to add products quickly.

The second: a new product that you add should automatically appear on your Homepage Online Store

It is the goal that the customer your old or new visitors to your online store website, can see there is a new product that you are selling so suddenly without you knowing it, a new product that you are selling already started to sell (not promoted), believe me, your heart will be delighted when it happened

The third: You need to inform the database of new products to customers / prospects via email, BBM, SMS, Facebook, etc.

You may add a new product quickly, but if the customer / prospect you do not know about a new product you are selling, then the impact is less felt / significant.

Therefore, you need to tell them either via email, BBM (broadcast / change profile), SMS, Facebook or any of your channel.

CAUTION: If you add one new product every day, PLEASE DO NOT broadcast or send new product information to customers or prospects every day. You will be considered spam and finally information from you instead will be ignored.

If you do not already have a sophisticated online store system that allows you to add new products quickly and make every new product is added appear on the homepage of your website, my advice up a Brand Store or Online Store Top powerful you as soon as possible.

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