Why Add Legal Personality Traits (Not Legal)

We are all looking for good ideas for our stories and characters. We need something that makes our story draw attention to the shelves. Besides, who does not want something with an extra dose of ‘maneirice’, just because?
But wait a little.
Cool, not cool. Think twice before adding a ‘cool’ stroke to your character.
It is easy to believe that something harder to get good ideas just get them. But that ‘s just the beginning. It’ s not enough for a story. It’s even more important to you.
For example, let’s look at ‘The Destiny of Jupiter’. If an idea of ​​a werewolf-alien-hybrid killer is cool or is not chooses, but it sure was made to be cool. By far, a cool thing in his character is his supposedly uncontrollable propensity to pluck like nobles’ throats. It is what created the ghost of its background story: the risk of its relationship with a royal protagonist. It’s obscure, it’s dangerous, and in a way it’s cool.
This seems like a harbinger. Surely it will tear something at some point in history. And this aspect of persoangem will interest you more towards the end of the story.
But not. A never complete idea of ​​the circle and is realized in the second half. In fact, a dash never matters for a story.

Are you taking advantage of all your good ideas?
Consider your story. Are you ready? What are your most interesting characters? Now look again. Did you do more than just mention the symptoms? Does any scene in your story really use these features?
This principle is really important for two techniques:
1 – Omen
If you emphasize something in the first half, you need a surface in the second half. This is especially important when it is something so cool that it leaves the reader interested and sharpens your appetite.
2 – Show x Count
In the case of werewolf-alien-hybrid your past as crazy throat ripper has just been a whole background story (which raises another inherent problem, the background of the background is more interesting than a main story). The problem is that an important story has just been told instead of being shown. This supposedly important trait has never been proven, and as a result, ends up bringing far less weight to a story than it could.
One last thing any of us want to do is squander better ideas. However, there is no doubt that you are getting the best out of all the characters, especially the deals that matter most to the reader.

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