Why YouTube does not take into account any view

When you are through YouTube browse, it will already have noticed that something strange is going on with the view counts some Youtube Videos! The number of Views Youtube videos have stagnated at 301+. Some videos have more likes and dislikes than they have views. What’s going on with the Youtube Views?

No increase YouTube Views

It is therefore clearly made a distinction between the views that receives a video. But why is that exactly? That’s because not all views are equally important respect. Some views are more heavily weighted than others. This is also the driving force of many “count systems.”

A second reason is also because of the limitations in the hardware and software that support YouTube. With millions of people who visit YouTube every day, there are always a number of views that are lost in the system. If each video, if only for a second, was brought in real time account, the system would probably crash. Therefore, the YouTube videos records are always kept in batch and updated. This also applies to the “Youtube View” counter.

Why do some videos stop at 301 views

It may be hard to believe, but if you have a YouTube video posted by less than 300 views, your video YouTube nothing worth. In the sense that your video is not important but so is the developed system. It is designed to ensure that the correct video receive proper attention. A Movie with less than 300 views will not generate enough money and it is them that YouTube alive. These films are therefore automatically put on the list backwards. A bit the same principle as Google does with Page Ranking.

But why do some videos then hang 301 views? That’s because from 300 YouTube views are going to look at the quality of the views that have been there already. It’s the same principle when you click on a banner. Only views of real profiles, which persist for a certain number of seconds will be charged. It is also important that they are always different profiles are that you video viewing. Watching your movies more views, is therefore quite punished!

How YouTube proceed?

From 301 YouTube views each view is receiving a video manually check the quality to stand as guarantor for qualitative views. The previous views are reassessed and subtracted from the total if it does not prove sufficient quality.

The Internet is overloaded with low quality blogs, SharePoint sites, by video spams and malicious software. Creating your own site or blog has become child’s play. They want to prevent people from wasting their time and energy to this inferior content. Therefore, quality stick horse of Google and here will be more focused in the future. YouTube want to keep his view counts credible.

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