World trip Super Mario Run

Super Mario ran six worlds are trying to save the flag ‘World Tour’ where you end Peach. Each set of five stars that you complete will be rewarded with two race tickets for the Toad race (more on this later). conquer the world, will give you back ten race events. In between, you collect as many coins and conquer your enemies even more coin bonuses. Games are friends of yours Super Mario Run? Then you get to see at every level who best scores to fuel the rivalry.

The level design is of a very high level and stays fresh throughout all worlds. Continuous new elements are added to Super Mario Run, so you always re-stimulated to do better and to score those darn stars. Pause buttons are actually a brilliant system for you to grab your time and the rush to stay on top. Yet one disadvantage? There are only two types of bosses that take turns every world and you can always overpower them the same way. Very disappointing, especially when you know that Nintendo could be much better with all previous Super Mario titles as evidence.
Toad Races

Besides the world where you are trying to save Peach, there are also the Toad races. Here you may find yourself against other online ‘runners’ test and try to score points by grabbing as many coins and all so graceful and elegant as possible. As a result you get the coins and get the Toads who gesupporterd for you. Each race takes a Toad race ticket, you can earn in the World TourĀ

Super Mario runWaarom collect Toads? The third part of Super Mario Run is the rebuilding of the Mushroom Kingdom, which has beaten to a pulp by Bowser. For this you need coins and Toads to thicken the population to what it was originally. The combination of expanding and Toad races should ensure that Super Mario Run has a long life because the World Tour has only a limited shelf life when you discover everything.

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